Course: Bachelor of Health Science in Biokinetics

Bachelors of Health Science in Biokineticist is an exercise specialist who increases a person’s physical condition and their quality of life by means of physical assessment and the prescription of healthy exercise habits. The Biokineticist is the newest member of the allied medical team who specialises in preventative medicine and final phase rehabilitation to improve the quality of life through movement, bachelors in the NSC is required.


Requirements: • Minimum NSC requirements for degree entry must be met. • English, Afrikaans or isiXhosa (home language or first additional language) on at least a level 4 (50–59 %). • Mathematics 4 (50–59%) or Mathematical Literacy 6 (70-79%). • Life Sciences 4 (50–59%) • Satisfactory medical report.
Job Opportunities: The biokineticist is involved in managing a clinical practice in the private and/or public sector. They may be employed in schools to promote health and wellness through the use of physical activity programmes. Other job opportunities include national, provincial and local government departments, corporate wellness as well as in the imminent National Health Insurance initiative.

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Bachelor of Health Science in Biokinetics

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