Course: Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor in Pharmacy covers four main subject areas: Pharmacology and Applied Therapeutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, and Pharmacy Practice. In order to register as a pharmacist with the South African Pharmacy Council, after obtaining the BPharm degree, students must successfully complete a one year internship and a one year compulsory community service. The internship year may be done in hospitals, community (retail) pharmacies, the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, or in academia if continuing with postgraduate studies, bachelors in the NSC qualification is required.

Requirements: • Minimum NSC requirements for degree entry must be met. • English, Afrikaans or isiXhosa (home language or first additional language) on at least a level 5 (60–69%). • Mathematics 5 (60-69%). • Physical Sciences 5 (60-69%)
Job Opportunities: As experts in medicines, pharmacists are responsible for the manufacture and distribution of medicines used to treat and prevent disease in people and animals. Pharmacists are employed in, and often own, community (retail) pharmacies. In hospital pharmacies, they dispense medicines and review their use, while in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry they make test and market medicinal products. Educational institutions also employ pharmacy graduates as lecturers and researchers.

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Bachelor of Pharmacy

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