Course: Bachelor in Visual Arts (Fashion and Textiles)

This course equips persons of interest with the skills and ability to adapt into the ever changing world of fashion so as to keep up with the latest trends and also make trends and also it provides a clear and vast knowledge concerning textile assisting to understand different clothes and how they are designed including different fabrics and technology innovatives including the manufacturing of hi-Techs in the fashion industry

Requirements: Only after successfully completing the generic first-year programme are students considered for placement in the second year of the degree programme.
Job Opportunities: Clothing designer pattern maker theatre designer fashion illustrator fashion marketer or entrepreneur (involved in buying, merchandising, co-ordination and styling for magazines, newspapers and fashion industrial publications). Textile designer in the formal and informal industry stylist co-ordinator of textiles crafter consultant trend forecaster researcher teacher

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Bachelor in Visual Arts (Fashion and Textiles)

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